5 Best WordPress Plugins from CodeCanyon for April 2020

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  1. WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel - Order Bump

    WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel - Order Bump

    WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel – Order Bump is a WooCommerce extension that helps you to offer the product suggestions and the smart order bumps with attractive discount to the customers on their checkout page. On checkout page,  the WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel – Order Bump will suggest customers to purchase extra products along with a good deal without interrupting their checkout progress. THE PLUGIN FEATURES Upsell Funnel When the customers hit the “Place Order” button, WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel will offer them a checkout funnel to buy extra products with the discount. Moreover, those offers will not interrupt their checkout progress. If the customer accepts the offer, the extra product will be added

  2. IDonatePro - Blood Donation, Request And Donor Management WordPress Plugin

    IDonatePro - Blood Donation, Request And Donor Management WordPress Plugin

    iDonatePro is a professional Blood request and blood donor management system for any kind of WordPress website. This plugin will allow anyone to the registrar for donating blood and the list of donors will automatically populate on donors page. Also, anyone who needs blood they can find them easily also they can request for blood. It has very nice UI and powerful admin settings panel what is very easy to use. It can be also set into Widgets of WordPress. This plugin is suitable for any donation, non-profit, clinic, hospital, doctors websites who want to provide some extra facilities to help find blood. Plugin Features Blood request post Blood request Page Auto request Delete Donor Page Grid Donor List Table Shortcode

  3. WooCommerce Custom Emails

    WooCommerce Custom Emails

    Create, customize and send highly targeted WooCommerce emails WooCommerce Custom Emails is a powerful extension that allows you to send custom transactional emails to your clients on any occasion. Dozens of conditions ensures that your custom emails will be sent to only those clients that are supposed to receive them. WooCommerce Custom Emails Features Create custom transactional emails Send emails to clients, shop managers or both Use rich editor to format email content Insert dynamic content by using 37+ macros Create content blocks that can be re-used Create triggers that dispatch custom emails Triggers can be based on multiple events Developers can add custom events Emails can be sent immediately or delayed Send emails after spec

  4. WordPress Chat Room, Group Chat Plugin

    WordPress Chat Room, Group Chat Plugin

    Overview chatroom is a WordPress chatroom, group chat plugin. This plugin will work in any user based wordpress blog, forum, community, directory, ecommerce or buddypress website. This plugin uses buddypress for group chat and all users can chat in a chatroom and can private chat with each other also. You can create buddypress group and control members. Live Demo Please visit Demo Site or click the above live preview button to check the chat system before purchase. You will need to login to see the demo. Guest chat is not allowed to avoid spamming with image and video content. Please use Username1: user1 and Password1: user_1 or Username2: user2 and Password2: user_2 or Username3: user3 and Password3: user_3 or sign up to create new ac

  5. Bookly Staff Cabinet (Add-on)

    Bookly Staff Cabinet (Add-on)

    Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Bookly PRO installed and activated. View Bookly PRO page at Codecanyon. There is no more need for staff members to go to WordPress admin panel to manage their calendars, details, etc. With this add-on your team members are able to view and update their calendars, personal info and services right after authentication on the frontend. When a staff member is logged in, they will be able to: View a calendar and choose a preferred mode: Month, Week or Day Add new appointment, approve, edit or cancel scheduled appointments View and update personal details Choose services and edit prices Update capacity (if Group Booking add-on is active) and



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